what do you need?

You need to know I can shoot, light, record audio, animate, edit. If I’ll turn up. If I’ll add value. If I have the experience. Well, you decide.

The choices we make. Who we are. That’s life.

I’ll share my choices and show you who I am.

I was an actor (don’t that put you off). I trained at RADA, gained my Equity Card at the Royal Shakespeare Company and worked, mainly in theatre, but also film, TV and radio.

I started a corporate entertainment company in 1990. It paid for the house. We were one of the earliest to offer film days; we’d shoot, edit and screen films in the course of a day.

Then a friend asked if I could do a corporate film for real! For KPMG. I chose to say yes.

I moved to the other side of the camera and, for the last 15 years, developed the skills of a lone videographer. Both my sons went to film school and sometimes help me out on a shoot.

So now I light, shoot, record audio, animate and edit. Oh, and sometimes still act, although I prefer a few days work a TV or Netflix rather than an extensive theatre committment.

The films here show what I can do. If you want to hire me, that’s your choice.

Ian Hart

Way back; Christmas 2013, my friend and RADA peer, Trevor Penton, interviewed his mate, Ian Hart, on the subject of fame (and where to find it).

I shot this with three cameras – all quite different as I recall. Trevor now runs a coaching company called The Flourish Academy. No idea what happened to Ian.

As a rule, I tell clients I can’t concentrate on the performance of the interviewee. My focus is, literally, on the camera and sound. But Ian’s insight, especially with two RADA grads in the room, both of whom are doing different things, was highly engaging.

This is the interview in full. I hope you concentrate on my lighting, camera work, audio and edit but, if you’re an actor, listen to what Ian has to say.