The Largest ever UK prize draw

Lottery Winner

Tonight’s UK National Lottery Jackpot is the highest ever at almost £60,000,000 because they’ve increased the odds, from a mere 1 in 14 million to 1 in 45 million.

This means you won’t win.

In fact, you’ve got more chance of winning if you don’t buy a ticket because the odds of an admin error are only about 1 in 40 million.

Think about winning that amount of money, and then ask yourself:


Unless you’re The Queen or Bill Gates (and if so, thanks for reading my blog your majesty and/or Bill) it probably will.

But how would it change your work?

I thought about what I’d do after I win, and my answer was, ‘Pretty much the same as I do now.’ I would write, and I would shoot and edit films. That made me feel good because if you can honestly say you’d continue to do what you already so, you must be doing the right thing now.

There are loads of people who don’t like their job. Maybe you’ve met some of them.

That’s not to say there wouldn’t be a few changes. I’d ditch my Sony NEX FS100 in favour of an Arri Alexa or two, and maybe a couple of Reds. I’d buy some new lights and a load of expensive lenses (although I guess they’d be inexpensive lenses). I’d buy a very nice house in which to store it all. Additionally, I’d buy a big studio in which to shoot my films. I may stop shooting corporate films in favour of my own stuff because I wouldn’t need to make money, but I would still need to do (and continue to learn about) something I loved doing.

If you have read this far (I’ve probably lost The Queen and Bill), you have probably fantasised about winning that sort of money. After our shared dreams: giving money to family and friends; buying houses, holidays, cars; getting the kids through university without debts; paying for the care home when the time comes; supplying a decent sherry at your funeral; providing for your grandchildren and local cat sanctuary, wouldn’t it be good to know you’d spend your money on the very thing you already do?

Because, surely, that proves (if only to yourself) that you are passionate about your work.

Now, about those numbers…

Lottery Ticket

COME ON! I really want these numbers to win! (actually, I don’t. I didn’t buy them. These are only for demonstration).